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A High Halloween: What's your favorite scary movie?

Halloween is dear and near! Say what?!

This causes for some sound effects:

Ooooohhh 👻 did you hear the ghost sound in your head?

Grab your wickedly rolled joint because we got a treat for you, no tricks!

The team at High Minded wanted to share our favorite scary movies and/or smoking experience.

Enter into darkness ⏯

Dakota: “All of the Saw movies are my favorite.” The movies definitely tap into the psyche of the conscious & the subconscious, which I find very interesting. I prefer to watch movies that stimulate the mind beyond surface level. The series also offer a great deal of life perspective views. All the gore just gives it that Halloween, scary touch & let’s not forget to add candy corn to the mix!"

Josh: “The movies 300 and Saw, I watched that shit like I’ve never seen it lol.” There is always something hidden that I missed or mentally placed together; saying to myself, it all makes sense now! These two picks are exceptional films that display: what is one willing to fight for, and how will one prevail."

Chasen: “All the Jeepers Creepers, Jason, & Freddy Krueger movies.” All of these villains share unique characteristics. Think about it, they are all immortal. What I mean is they use their suffering to remain alive. Seeing as each one of them have a horrendous past, that has carried out to a full blown reality-it’s disturbing, at the same time it creates a phenomenon on the big screens."

Kenny: “I don’t fuk with scary movies high, it makes me want to slap the director and/or the people in the film. I feel like that about happy happy movies too! Real shxt the scariest movie I’ve seen was purge. I’ll fuk up a demon or what not.. "

Suzie: "The last scary movie I seen high was the recent Micheal Myers (Halloween) in the movie theaters. And that shit was funny to me, as things I was once scared of, seemed to turn comical. Mainly because I kept asking myself questions throughout the whole film, scenes and situations started to make no sense. All I want to know is how can a man with a mask and a knife still be alive?! LOL."

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