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WRITTEN BY: Maurice Chasen

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Grinders can be kind of tricky, so let's go over some of the basics first. So a grinder is a tool used to shred and break down your cannabis into smaller pieces. If you have a multi-chamber grinder, normally the lower chamber is where all the trichomes fall through a screen and are kept; known as the kief catcher. Above that chamber is where you’ll find your ground cannabis, and just about it would be the grinding chamber. Where you’d see the blades or teeth that do the grinding.

Now, some people are old school and wouldn’t be caught dead with a grinder. Some even feel that using your hands is a part of the experience of smoking. Then there is the other side of the spectrum. A group that’s all about operating efficiently. Those who use a grinder for joints, blunts, and bongs. For EVERYTHING! Amidst the chaos, somewhere floating ever so quietly in the middle, are those super adaptive, hybrids. The people who use it for certain situations, and keep it for exactly what it is, a tool.

Some of the pros of using a grinder are that your fingers stay clean, it's extremely fast and efficient, and it collects kief while grinding your cannabis finer than can be achieved with your hands. As always with the good, there is some bad. A few of the cons are that you’ll wind up using more of your cannabis, you damage your trichomes with the grinding process of the teeth/blades, and some believe that using your hands is sensory or sensual and you’d lose that experience.

My advice to you is to be that hybrid person. I’d say find a decent 3 chamber or 4 piece grinder, (Santa Cruz Shredder or King Top) and if your smoking out of a spoon, a bowl out of a bong, rolling a joint or stuffing a cone, grind your cannabis so your hits are a lot smoother from your pieces and your joints aren't all lumpy and canoe. Got a Swisher, Backwoods, Dutch, leaf or a wrap, try breaking it down by hand. From my experience, I've noticed my wraps (because I don’t smoke anything with nicotine anymore) smoke and hit much better. You should experiment and try both methods out to see if you notice a difference or if it helps.

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