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Hear it from the HMC squad first, as we gather together and discuss our preferences on how we like to smoke our green. There is so many perks to both choices, such as papers being made from raw material to glass being velvety smooth to the hit. Such good choices! Without further-ado,

Let’s smoke in:


GLASS! Glass is hands down my favorite way to smoke. I almost feel like it’s more personal, with each hit you burn as much or as little bud as you’d like. I like the option of adding ice to the bong to have a cooler and smoother hit, you can’t do that with papers. I feel cleaner than I would if I were smoking with papers, it’s 100% bud and nothing else. It’s easier clean up too! When I lived in Oregon I’d go hiking a lot and I always had a little pipe on me and I would never have to worry about littering with roaches.


I would like to experiment more with these tools before I choose. I will update my decision over time but I am open to giving both a fair chance, no doubt.


This is a classic debate. Those who cherish the heritage of the paper joint shared and passed around accompanied with the phrase that even your elementary school teacher knows. Puff puff, pass! Oh but let’s not get too carried away because for every person that says papers there’s a glass enthusiast on standby. I feel like enjoying cannabis should be exactly that, enjoyed and every session is different. Sometimes your timed constrained and need to consume quickly or to the opposite you actually have more time on your hands than normal like most of now with this crazy virus going around and you can pull out your amazing glass pieces. So if I had to chose and I could consume in my way every time ... I’d go with glass! I’m in love with recycler rigs because I love the way the water and smoke react to the function of the rig. I love how creative some artist are with their glass as far as dab tools, carb caps all the way down to the bangers you can acquire. Joints are super classic and cant be counted out but for me it’s Glass BABY!!


Ohhh I appreciate it all; if I had to pick it would be glass. I have a tendency to hit hard, lol with glass I feel I have more power. I also enjoy picking from the pipe collection at my house, to match my mood of the day. We have several different ones: Some have exclusive cut designs, some were custom made, some have unique color schemes, & some were gifts. Each pipe has their own vibe if you know what I mean.


I am going to keep this simple and to the point. I choose both, for they each offer helpful components. Papers tend to have a longer lasting burn which I enjoy & glass has a smoother hit which I also enjoy. Both are also a healthier & clean choice to a good smoke.

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