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Cannabis & Nature

A short how-to on consuming cannabis in nature.

WRITTEN BY: Maurice Chasen

From my personal experience and many other users, consuming cannabis in nature can enhance your experience. Now before you roll your eyes, kick back, and light up and I’ll explain everything you need to know to make your next outdoor experience, lifted!

First, let’s address the most important issue. Legality! As in, is it legal in your state? Do some research and if it’s recreational and you’re of age, you can go to step two. If it’s only medical, you’ll need to get a medical card to continue. If it’s not, have no fear the laws are changing often and we’ll soon be completely green.

Once you’ve figured out the laws in your area and can obtain some cannabis, let's talk about a few different things that'll help enhance your outdoor experience with cannabis. Now, let's assume we're planning to hike a trail. Here are 5 tips I recommend:

1.Be Prepared! I can't say this enough. You never know what can happen. Here are a few essentials you'll need. A map or GPS (Phone), Sun protection, insulation, illumination, first aid, fire, nutrition, hydration, and some cannabis.

2. Getting stoned shouldn't be your goal! Try microdosing or taking a few hits along the way to help with relaxation and with improving your experience.

3. Consume with intent! Whether it's pain relief, you’re looking to relax, increase your appetite, or to boost your creativity. By thinking about what your intent is, you direct yourself towards that. Control your experience by riding the high and not letting it consume you. Finally unwind, allow the cannabis to do its job by not fighting it.

4. Know your surroundings! Parks and hiking trails are full of tourists, kids, families, all types of people. Being discreet could be your biggest defense. Try to find a spot off the beaten trail away from the hustle and bustle to consume.

5. Leave no trace! If you came with it, make sure you leave with it. Make sure where ever you stop, you clean before you leave.

Here are a few strains that will help to improve your experience:

-BLUE DREAM Balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration.

-WILLIE NELSON Exudes it’s euphoric and creative effects leaving you clear-headed, allowing them to perform artistic or social activities.

-CINDERELLA 99 effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting.

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