The development of  HighMindedCali began early in 2017.  What started as a mere interest in getting high, ultimately became a passion to share our gifts and love for cannabis. Our initial understandings of cannabis was reminiscently peculiar, however bridging the gap between the pursuit of travel and landing with articulation seemed to be a challenge we all face. 


This generated a drive to not only expand our horizon on cannabis, but to gain an overstanding of its principles in order to correlate and convey in simple terms. Through the passage of collecting data, conventional, unconventional research, and of course documented trips of our own; one thing is for certain, a lot of information in circulation only rationalizes the justification of use. Here at HighMindedCali, we can't tell you what's wrong or right. Thats out of our jurisdiction, but what we can do is be informative and instrumental in your advancement of using cannabis as a tool. 

HighMindedCali looks forward to helping you on your cannabis journey. It's a goal of ours to have a designated location for individuals new and familiar with cannabis to have a better understanding of what cannabis is and how to use it. Explore, draw down your own conclusions, speak freely, and remember cannabis is of the earth and freedom is of the mind.

Welcome to HighMindedCali



Since being established in 2017, HighMindedCali's mission is to raise awareness and inspire the misinformed while giving back to the community.

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